What is a Conscious Breathing session and how is it held?

 At our first meeting, we discuss the client’s expectations. We get the details clarified and the client decides whether they wish to work on one or multiple problems in their life.  We agree on the number of breathing sessions and appointment schedule. The client is encouraged to do their homework, thus starting to develop new skills.

Generally a conscious breathing session lasts one hour. The sessions help reveal which parts of the body suffer from the most tensions. Once the tensions are identified, you can modify, treat and release them.

     Conscious breathing sessions help remove ingrained blockages (humiliation, stigma, abandonment, betrayal, injustice), fears, limitations and stress. All of the above states are respected, understood, accepted and released. Conscious breathing sessions are a powerful tool for transforming the states. The recommended course is a set of ten or more breathing sessions.

You may wish to start attending group breathing sessions after one or more one-to-one sessions.

     The client must WISH TO PRACTICE IT. If there is no wish, there is nobody to work with.

It is impossible to help a person if they:

-Do not know what they want;

-Put the blame for their problems on others rather than themselves;

-Wish to change others but not themselves;

-Do not do their homework;

-Are constantly trying to change appointment times and fail to stick to the agreements.

Location: Kalpoko g.1, Kaunas

Registration by email at: orojogakaune@gmail.com; tel.: +37068780775

A payment order for the session shall be made before the appointment; alternatively a payment may be made in cash on the spot upon arrival at the session.

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We look forward to seeing you!

Goda Andrijauskaitė

Personal Development and Conscious Breathing Instructor