What is a one-to-one Aerial Yoga class and how is it held?

     At our first meeting, we discuss the client’s expectations and design, in accordance with the basics in therapeutic yoga and taking account of the client’s expectations, needs and the physical condition of their body, a personalised programme where your body will find the right balance between physical strength and flexibility.

     The classes are held using a special hammock designed for Aerial Yoga. If you have a specific query and seek for particularly fast changes and tangible results, I may combine one-to-one Aerial Yoga classes with yoga on the mat. In such a case, the client is encouraged to do their homework, thus starting to develop new skills.

     We agree on the number of one-to-one Aerial Yoga classes and the appointment schedule.

     Generally an Aerial Yoga class lasts 1 hour 20 mins. The classes help reveal which parts of the body suffer from the most tensions. Once the tensions are identified, you can modify, treat and release them. More about the benefits of Aerial Yoga can be found here: https://www.orojogakaune.com

     The client must WISH TO PRACTICE IT. If there is no wish, there is nobody to work with.

Location: Kalpoko g. 1, Kaunas

Registration by email at: orojogakaune@gmail.com; tel.: +37068780775

A payment order for the session shall be made before the appointment; alternatively a payment may be made in cash on the spot upon arrival at the session.

VšĮ Oro jogos akademija LT
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Bank code: 35000

Aerial Yoga class fee:  30 EUR

270 EUR for a bundle of 10 classes to be paid in advance


     If you fail to attend an appointment without a notice made at least one day in advance, you will be charged full price.

We look forward to seeing you!

Goda Andrijauskaitė

Aerial Yoga teacher (RAYT250)
Founder of the Aerial Yoga Academy (RSY)

Personal Development and Conscious Breathing Instructor